From time to time this page will be updated with new documents about current trends in Mission.

Missionaries Murdererd in 2007

A list of Missionaries who gave their lives for the Faith in 2007.

 Missionaries murdered in 2007.doc

The Parish - A new Mission Field

Speaking notes of Most Rev. Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland. A speech delivered In Melbourne on July 11.

 The Parish - A new mission field.doc

Mother Teresa on Redemptio Missio

A short description of Redemptio Missio by Mother Teresa which gives us a simple view of what Mission is.

 Mother Teresa on Redemptio Missio.doc

Witness to the Gospel in Australia - Fr Steven Bevans

These two addresses were given by Fr Steven Bevans in Adelaide as part of the 30th celebrations of Evangelli Nuntiandi.

 Witness to the Gospel in Australia Fr Steven Bevans.doc

Redemptoris Missio

The Great mission Encyclical of Pope John Paul II.

 Redemptoris Missio doc.doc

On Evangelisation in the Modern World

Pope Paul VI Encyclical on Mission which is regarded as the Blue Print for Mission post Vatican II.

 On Evangelisation in the Modern World.doc