29 Apr 2016

Kids on climate change


Rome Reports April 24, 2016

Kids from around the world voice their opinion on the severity of climate change

Climate change and global warming is not only a current reality that is disrupting national economies and taking lives, it is now officially affecting every country and every person on every continent. UNICEF brought this issue up to an unlikely group of people: children and teenagers ages 4-16.

SOLAN, AGE 9, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – "I'm a bit nervous that the world is getting destroyed.”

CAMILLA, AGE 14, ASUNCION, PARAGUAY – "That glaciers are disappearing.”

GUO, AGE 12, NAYONG, GUIZHOU, CHINA – "That there is not enough fresh air.”

CAMILO, AGE 16, LIMA, PERU – "All individuals have rights, and equality. The environment should have rights too.”

Their concerns and sentiments are very similar to those of The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which includes more than 1,300 scientists from the United States and other countries around the world.

BEATRICE, AGE 16, LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – "This is not the time to just talk and talk. But, this is the time to put action into our countries, into our societies, and look for ways that are going to sustain our lives.”

In fact, 97% of climate scientists agree that global warming trends over the past century are a direct result of human-related causes. But not all is bleak in this scenario, the United Nations is currently working on a Green Climate fund that will secure and contribute to sustainable methods and uses of energy. The goal is to mobilise $100 billion annually by 2020.

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