31 Oct 2016

Italian earthquake

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CathNews October 31, 2016

Major Italian earthquake destroys basilica in Norcia

The Italian Prime minister has promised that his government will rebuild everything destroyed by a new earthquake that demolished the Basilica of St Benedict in the town of Norcia. Pope Francis has offered his prayers. – The Tablet/CNA

“We will rebuild everything — the houses, the churches, the shops. We are dealing with marvellous territories, territories of beauty,” Matteo Renzi told reporters on Sunday, reconfirming a pledge he made after an earthquake in Amatrice in August killed more than 300 people and levelled the ancient town.

Earlier in the day, Pope Francis said prayers for those affected by the earthquake, which seriously injured a number of people but has so far not claimed any lives. “I express my closeness to the people of central Italy,” the Pope said in the Vatican on Sunday morning. “I pray for the wounded and the families that have suffered major damage; as well as for the personnel” involved in rescue efforts and in aiding the victims."

He concluded his remarks with the prayer “May the Risen Lord give them strength, and the Madonna watch over them.”

Sunday’s earthquake was the latest in a series of seismic events to strike central Italy. Earlier this month, Francis visited the area to express his closeness to victims of a magnitude 6.2 quake that hit the region in August, killing almost 300 people. This morning's earthquake could be felt as far away as Rome 160kms away - and was strong enough to set off car alarms both in Rome and Venice.

The earthquake was the strongest so far in the latest series of tremors, measuring approximately 6.5 on the Richter scale. It is believed to be the strongest quake in Italy since 1980.

Significant structural damage was recorded as many buildings had already been weakened by earlier earthquakes in the region. The Basilica of St Benedict, built over the birthplace of Saints Benedict and Scholastica, has been destroyed. The destruction was confirmed by the monks at Norcia who said on Twitter that they suffered no casualties and were searching for any victims of the earthquake that "may need Last Rites."

"This morning, around 7.40, a massive earthquake struck the area near Norcia," a statement by the monks said on their website. "We monks are all fine, but our hearts go now to those affected, and the monks of the monastery are trying to figure out if someone is in need of extreme unction.

"The Basilica of St Benedict, the historic church built over St Benedict the house, collapsed as a result of these shocks. This illustrates the power of the earthquake, and the urgency that we feel as monks in going to the aid of those in need of the Sacraments in this difficult day for Italy," the statement added.

Photo: Basiilica of St Benedict in Norcia in ruins (Monks of Norcia/Twitter)


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