Living Catholic e-News January 2018

A just future starts with empowerment

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Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten fundraising appeal, Project Compassion, brings thousands of Australians together in solidarity with the world's poor and aims to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.
This year’s campaign features a different story each week during Lent, February 14 to March 31. Focused on the theme ‘A Just Future’, the stories explain various issues faced by vulnerable people in different countries and highlight how Caritas Australia is helping them to develop their strengths and create change in their communities.
“This year we celebrate 'A Just Future' for all in conjunction with the Year of Youth,” said Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ, Caritas Australia chairman.
"Each year, schools, communities and parishes across Australia join in solidarity to raise awareness and funds during Project Compassion. Each time I see a school community or a parish youth group that has taken the time to participate in our Caritas events, I’m reminded that it’s the young, through their goodness and courage, who can help us to build a world of peace. 
“As Pope Francis has said, the world looks to the young to be reassured that ‘the Father’s Mercy has an ever-youthful face, and constantly invites us to be a part of his Kingdom'.
“The stories we are sharing during the six weeks of Lent demonstrate how Caritas Australia empowers young people to become channels of love and positive change for their communities. Through a holistic approach which concentrates on their social, economic and spiritual development, Caritas is working with young people to become the leaders of tomorrow, pursuing a just and fair world, free of poverty and where communities are the architects of their own development.” 

To see each of the six feature stories and to find out how to donate – you can access the website here.

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