Living Catholic e-News August 2019

Stories of faith shared in Plenary report


Inspiring stories of faith have been included in the recently published final report of the Listening and Dialogue phase of the Plenary Council.
Prepared by the National Centre for Pastoral Research, the report provides insights into the 17,457 submissions received from May 2018 until March 2019.
In total, 4699 groups and 12,758 individuals representing the voices of more than 222,000 people were involved in making submissions nationally. There were 622 submissions (232 group, 390 individual) received from the Adelaide Archdiocese.
Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB, president of the Plenary Council, said he hoped when people read the report they “will be encouraged by the passion and commitment which the invitation to enter the journey has generated in such an extraordinary way”.
Plenary Council facilitator Lana Turvey-Collins said the Listening and Discernment phase would run for several months, after which time the agenda for the Plenary Council would begin to emerge.
Interspersed with summaries of the submissions received are stories of faith, one of which is included below:

“I volunteer my spare time to be a youth leader at the parish. My group aims to bring together young adults in fellowship through social activities, scripture learning, praise and worship and social justice activities. Our group has brought a togetherness amongst like-minded people. I was at a festival and I came across an old friend who wasn’t Catholic. She was interested in the faith and I invited her to tag along with me. I then introduced her to members of my group as well as the seminarians. By God’s grace, she continued hanging around our group and is now attending RCIA [Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults] sessions. I’m her sponsor and I pray she makes it all the way to becoming a Catholic. Through a welcoming and vibrant community, Christ has another follower. This experience has been a blessing from God. Thank you for your time and for considering my perspective.”

The report is available to the public here.

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