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01 Jun 2014

Natural fertility clinic a 'moral' practice

Southern Cross newspaper - June 2014


Two Catholic Adelaide doctors and an ovulation specialist have joined together to form a unique natural planning fertility clinic which supports church teachings.

Dr Catherine Peterson, Dr Brendan Miller and Bernadette Davies are opening the Fertility Fundamentals clinic in Marion later this month.

“We believe it is a comprehensive service offering moral medical and surgical treatments in addition to education of the Billings Ovulation MethodTM.”

Dr Peterson said women could become pregnant or avoid pregnancy by learning to identify the natural signals of fertility and avert expensive and invasive treatments and chemical contraceptives like the pill.

She said a study of the Billings Ovulation MethodTM, developed by Drs John and Evelyn Billings, found 82 percent of women trying to conceive had inadequate knowledge of their signs of fertility, however, through instruction in the method a 78 percent pregnancy rate was achieved.  She said this included a pregnancy rate of 65 percent in the subgroup of women already classified as sub-fertile, some of whom had been unsuccessful with IVF.

A mother of six, herself using the Billings Method, Dr Peterson said: “We are teaching women to chart their cycles and recognise the signs of their own fertility and from that assist them in achieving pregnancy or help determine problems.”

Dr Miller, a gynaecologist, has been trained in NaProTechnology – a fertility-care based medical and surgical approach that monitors and maintains a woman's reproductive and gynaecological health to assist issues such as infertility.

Mrs Davies, of St Pius X Parish in Dernancourt, said many women were unaware of their natural ovulation cycle and the signs available to assist with successful pregnancies.

“We are empowering women to know themselves.”

And she said it would avoid using invasive reproductive technologies that removes the life-creating act of intercourse from a couple, as well as avoiding the immoral choices of termination post-genetic testing for birth defects and the disposal of unused frozen eggs.

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