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150 religious priests, sisters and brothers attended the Gathering, including 10 sisters from the Port Pirie Diocese, at Kensington to celebrate the Year of Grace.

A prayer prepared by Sr Marie Ralph, the Archbishop's Delegate for Religious, led those present into the theme of the day, 'Contemplating the Face of Christ' and 'Recognising Moments of Grace in our Lives'. Heather Carey, Chancellor, led the sessions on these themes, using a process which provided focus and an opportunity for the religious to really engage with others. Many religious spoke of the sharing in these sessions as a "profound experience".

The religious were "buoyed up" by Archbishop Wilson's address to them, appreciating his affirmation and encouragement, his message of hope and the sharing of 'moments of grace' in his life and the life of the Church.

Relishing the opportunity to be present to each other and to spend such quality time with each other, many religious suggested that such a gathering be an annual event.

- Sr Marie Ralph

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