09 Mar 2017

Run/walk 12km or 4.5 km

Project Compassion 2017.jpg

Get active this Lent and raise money for Project Compassion

Team: Project Compassion, March 19, Run/walk 12km or 4.5 km

If you join the Caritas “Project Compassion” Team you get a chance to run alongside Kenyan marathon runner Fr Charles Lukati (for a few minutes at least!!) who will be leading our team.

Get sponsors to support your efforts. It is a great way to raise much needed funds for people living in poverty around the world.

Step 1: Register with Sunday Mail Bay to City Fun Run – Go to https://www.bay-city.org.au and create a solo account. Be sure to join the “Project Compassion” team before you finalise your registration. Registration Fee applies.

Step 2: Fundraise with Caritas – Contact Angela Hart at the Adelaide Caritas office on 8210 8172 or email angelah@caritas.org.au to: Open your own online Project Compassion fundraising web page or Order a receipt book for your sponsors’ donation

Step 3: Sponsor Fr Charles – If the Bay to City is not for you, please consider making a donation to support Fr Charles in his running effort by going to the following link http://my.caritasfundraising.org.au/FATHERCHARLES

All entrants will receive a Caritas t-shirt to wear.

Who is Fr Charles? Fr Charles Lukati is parish priest at Aberfoyle Park Catholic Parish, a Kenyan marathon runner and ambassador for the Project Compassion team.

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