12 Apr 2017

Living Catholic e-news

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Living Catholic e-news April 2017

Sharing the Easter message: Archbishop Wilson

It is hard to believe but we are approaching our fifth year of producing the Living Catholic e-newsletter – our first edition came out in April 2013.
The newsletter was started as an initiative of Catholic Communications aimed at sharing information among Archdiocesan agencies and Catholic-inspired organisations. We hope that these past 46 editions have been keeping you up-to-date with important developments within our Catholic community, as well as giving a greater understanding of the work of the Church and its agencies.

The Living Catholic e-newsletter continues to recognise the important, yet often unheralded, work of individuals and agencies in our Catholic community as well as the fantastic support of our schools and their students. 

I would like to make special mention of our students who demonstrate that they are living the Gospel through their commitment to social justice and caring for others. It is a reminder to us of the real power of our faith and the great opportunities there are for all of us to step up and do what we can in the name of the Lord. This is what gives meaning to our lives and is the essence of the Easter message.

These students have taken up the responsibility as workers of Jesus making a difference in the world today through their support for our agencies such as Caritas and Catholic Charities and everyone who is in need today.

Their actions are something that should make all of us proud especially at difficult times like these when it seems there are people in the world who want to turn us against each other. By celebrating events such as Harmony Day we can stand together and be reminded of the really great things that we do to care for and help people in our ordinary lives. 

This Easter let us continue to celebrate these things and remember that as a community we are here and present, acting in the name of Christ.
– Archbishop Philip Wilson

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