Confirmation outside Mass

New Rite 2016 – revised April 2016

The revised template is below. All schools and parishes are encouraged to use this as a basis for their Confirmation outside Mass liturgies. (Please note that if you have more than 50 candidates it is preferable to hold 2 separate ceremonies.)

Change of process: Send your draft liturgy, at least six weeks prior to the Confirmation – click here to send to: Diana Healey in the Sacramental Programme

 Confirmation outside Mass template (Dec2016).doc
 Readings for Confirmation.pdf
 Responsorial Psalms full version.doc

Confirmation and First Holy Communion Mass

New Rite 2016 – revised April 2016

Download the revised template is below.

All schools and parishes are encouraged to use this as a basis for their Confirmation outside Mass liturgies. (Please note that if you have more than 50 candidates it is preferable to hold 2 separate ceremonies.)

Send your draft liturgy, at least six weeks prior to the Confirmation. Click here to send to: Lyn Howland at the Office for Worship email:

NB: For suitable readings and Responsorial Psalms for Confirmation, please see links above.

 Dec2016TEMPLATE Confirmation First HC Mass 2016.doc

Universal Prayer for Sunday and weekday Masses

Laudato Si'.jpg

In light of Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change, Laudato Si, download the pdf below for suggestions for the Universal Prayer (Prayer of the Faithful) for Sunday and weekday Masses.

 Laudato Si_Prayers of the Faithful.pdf


Revised January 2016

The following templates for Funerals can be used by families or people in parishes whose ministry it is to help the bereaved – whoever takes responsibility for preparing the funeral service and the booklet.

The Participation document lists all people who can be involved in the ministry and presentation of the liturgy.

You will find suggestions for Hymns and Psalms below.

 Funeral Mass template. new trans.docx
 Participation in the Funeral Mass.doc
 Funeral_Mass - template John Doe.docx
 Funeral Liturgy Jane Doe (no Mass).docx

Templates for Hymns and Psalms

Revised 2016

See below recommendations for Hymns and Psalms for funerals and suggested music for weddings.

 Hymns for Christian Funerals.docx
 Psalms for use during the Order of Christian Funerals.docx
 Music for Christian Weddings.docx

Blessing and Official Opening (BER)

Approvals Process – Revised February 2016

  1. Principal (or event coordinator) may, in the first instance, contact the Office for Worship directly if they have any questions about the preparation of the liturgy. The Office for Worship phone number is 8152 7806 and click here to send an email.
  2. Principal sends the liturgy to the Archbishop’s Office for review. This must be sent no later than 6 weeks prior to the event. Liturgy should be emailed and sent directly to the Office for Worship 
  3. Archbishop’s Office will respond directly to the person who has sent in the liturgy with comments/alterations.
  4. Once any necessary changes have been made, the amended liturgy will be sent back to the Archbishop’s Office for the Archbishop’s approval. 
  5. If there are any further changes to be made, Archbishop's Office will liaise directly with the Principal.
  6. When final approval is given, the person who is the liaison for the school will be advised and the Archbishop’s Office will arrange a copy of the liturgy for the Archbishop and Director.


 6. Template for BER Opening and Blessing.doc

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Installation of a Parish Priest

This is being revised and will be added here shortly. In the meantime, contact the Office for Worship for a copy of the template currently in use.

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