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The Coat of Arms of a bishop is always constructed in a particular fashion.

The Coat of Arms, which is always impaled on a cross, may be surrounded by an Episcopal hat with 20 tassels.

The motto is always placed underneath the shield.

The symbol on Archbishop Wilson's Coat of Arms is an ancient heraldic symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady Star of the Sea.

The design is composed of a white star surmounted on a pattern of white waves on a blue background.

Archbishop Wilson chose this symbol because of the close connection between his family and the Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea in Newcastle, New South Wales.

This was the church in which his mother was baptised Catholic, his parents were married and the church in which he was baptised.

Archbishop’s Motto:     Non Nobis Domine

Not to us, Lord, not to us, but to Your name give the glory. (Psalm 115) 


On June 22, 1973, Pope Paul VI said to the College of Cardinals:

"We would have preferred that the occasion be passed over in silence. Although we are always conscious of the words of the Psalm, this year we experience, all the more, their necessity and their liberating power: "Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to thy name give glory". We have sought only the glory of His name, only the expansion of His Kingdom, the progress of His Church, the transmission of His word, the proclamation of His truth and His peace. We commend ourself entirely to the Lord's mercy; and We ask you who most closely share in the programs, anxieties, and hopes of Our pontificate to help us with your prayers.”

Archbishop Wilson said: “These thoughts are exactly mine about the motto and why I chose them.”