CPC logo sm.jpg

The logo was designed by a St Mary's College secondary student in 2005 and her description of the design is as follows.

The logo consists of two people's heads and their arms. The adult is holding the child's hands while the child is supported on their shoulders.

The simplified shapes of the arms come together to create the heart, representing the love the Council has for the wellbeing of the children in the Archdiocese.

Each colour represents something relevant to the Child Protection Council.

Orange evokes warmth, energy, strength, friendliness and joy. These are feelings that all children should have, feelings that the Council will protect.

Pink brings the sense of innocence and femininity, and gold represents safety, happiness and God.

God is relevant because of the Child Protection Council's involvement with Catholic schools.

In the background the blue represents the sky. The sky is the limit for potential.