Education and Training

How we ensure our clergy, religious, employees and volunteers are equipped with the knowledge and support they need to keep children and young people safe

Part of the role of the Child Protection Unit is to facilitate education and training to ensure all Archdiocesan clergy, religious, employees and volunteers have the tools and information they need to implement our Archdiocesan child protection framework in parishes and create safe and welcoming environments for all children and young people.

Child Safe Environments Training

Child Safe Environments is the training provided to those who are mandated notifiers under the Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017, which is all clergy, religious employees and volunteers of the Church.

Child Safe Environments is a training program developed by the Department for Child Protection which teaches participants about the effects of child abuse and neglect, how to recognise the signs and indicators of abuse and neglect, and when and how to notify to statutory authorities.

All members of the Child Protection Unit are accredited trainers in Child Safe Environments and have a background in social work.

All Archdiocesan clergy, religious and employees are required to complete a 7 hour Child Safe Environments training, with 3 hour refresher courses every three years. All volunteers who have a role which has direct contact with children and young people are also required to attend a 7 hour session with subsequent refreshers.

Abbreviated training sessions are facilitated for all volunteers. 

To find out about when Child Safe Environment training sessions are scheduled and to enrol in a course, contact the Child Protection Unit on 8210 8159.


Safe Environments For All (SEFA) training

As part of the rolling out of the SEFA program, the Child Protection Unit has offered training to all parishes to ensure relevant individuals are aware of the requirements of SEFA, and of how these requirements can be fulfilled in the parish setting. SEFA training focusses on educating parish leadership and Child Safe Contact People on areas such as children’s rights, creating child safe spaces and cultures, and setting clear behavioural guidelines for those working with children and young people.

Parishes who feel they require further support and education in implementing the SEFA program or any specific child protection matter can contact the Child Protection Unit to set up an individual education or support meeting.