23 Feb 2017

Renewing! e-news

February 2017 | Issue 7

renewing march.jpg

As we prepare for the season of Lent, you’ll find this issue of Renewing! chock full of relevant reflections.  What better time than during the Church’s annual call to renewal to explore ways to become ever more faithful to the Gospel - ‘Repent, and believe in the Gospel’

Personally, and as a parish, school or community, we pray that you will receive a fresh, rich experience of God’s grace: ‘Enlighten the minds of your people, Lord, we pray, with the light of your glory, that they may see what must be done and have the strength to do what is right’ (Prayer over the People, Monday of the 1st Week of Lent).

15 Jan 2017

Renewing! e-news

January 2017 | issue 6

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Life in our parishes, schools and communities is returning to normal as a new year unfolds. In this summer issue of Renewing! you’ll find plenty of ideas and resources to support your plans for the year ahead: formation resources for lectors, online scripture study options, a new, free liturgy preparation resource, and two apps - the Pope’s very own, and the new Mass app for the Archdiocese of Adelaide!

14 Dec 2016

Renewing! e-news

December 2016 | Issue 5

Renewing December 2016.jpg

This Advent issue of Renewing! is graced with a nativity scene from the hand of Lucas Jucha, age 7, who crafted his nativity scene out of everyday household items while in the care of his grandmother, Jill Gallio.

10 Nov 2016

Renewing! e-news

November 2016 | Issue 4

DSG nov 2016.jpg

‘Impressive plus plus!’

That’s the way one participant described the Diocesan Spring Gathering held on Saturday October 29 2016 at Hilton Adelaide.

More than 370 parish, school and community leaders from around the diocese gathered with Archbishop Philip Wilson for an inspirational day focused on renewal of the Archdiocese.

According to many long term observers, this was the first time that parish leadership teams throughout the diocese came together in this way.

No wonder this issue of Renewing! is entirely devoted to the Diocesan Spring Gathering (DSG). Scroll your way through the content and colour of the DSG!

01 Sep 2016

Renewing! e-news

September 2016 | Issue 3

Light bulb.jpg

Spring is in the air! Its many sights and smells, warmth and sunshine herald a profound renewal of God’s creation all around us! May we take joyful inspiration from this time of fresh beginnings to prayerfully consider how the Holy Spirit is leading us to a more lively expression of the faith, both personally and as parish communities. In this September issue of Renewing! (yes, we skipped August), you’ll find plenty of rich reflection and resources to assist you. If you like what you see and read, or have a suggestion, please let us know at  renewal.

15 Jul 2016

Renewing! e-news

July 2016 | Issue 2


Welcome to the second issue of Renewing!  This e-newsletter is your ‘central market’ for sharing in the renewal of the Adelaide Archdiocese.  Learn, but also share, about the many ways God’s Spirit moves among us.  Your practical examples, questions and suggestions are welcomed!  Whenever you hear about something that is sound, encouraging, fresh, innovative and effective, ask yourself: ‘Is this a piece of the renewal future happening now? Would others want to know about it?’  Renewal, the work of God’s Spirit, is very much at work in the archdiocese.  Our goal is to help make this work more widely known and appreciated, transparent for the benefit of all! 

15 Jun 2016

Welcome to Renewing!

June 2016 | Vol 1

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Welcome to the first edition of Renewing! a regular e-newsletter linking parishes and communities in the Archdiocese of Adelaide with one another and the newly-formed Office for Renewing Parishes. The newsletter provides a forum for sharing the many ways individual parishes give expression to renewal and keeps you informed on the activities of the Renewal Taskforce. Parish priests, parish pastoral council chairs, pastoral associates, principals, APRIMs, parish office managers/secretaries, migrant chaplains – anyone working to foster renewing at the parish communities level – is encouraged to subscribe.

01 Jan 2016

Letter from the Vicar General

May 2016


Dear fellow disciples of Jesus,

Getting communication right is one of our biggest challenges. I'd like to reframe some understandings of our "renewal" so I'd be grateful if you can find time to read this, and I welcome dialogue with you about it. Our present "renewal" is not a programme, but a way of paying attention to the ordinary and ongoing dynamic of life as a community of disciples.

 Letter from the Vicar General.pdf