08 Oct 2018

Letter from Administrator Delegate Fr Philip Marshall

Being Church Together: A Theology and Vision and Guiding Principles for the Parish-School Relationship

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To: Parish Priests, Pastoral Associates, School Principals, Deputy Principals, APRIMs, PPC Chairs, Chairs of School Boards, Diocesan and Catholic Education SA leadership
I write to you to share about and invite your engagement with a document developed to help strengthen Parish-School relationships. Being Church Together: A Theology, Vision and Guiding Principles for the Parish-School Relationship was developed at the request of the Archdiocese through a collaboration between Catholic Education SA and the Office for Renewing Parishes.  A 12-month education, engagement and consultation process will now commence throughout the Archdiocese, and all parishes, schools and communities are invited to be involved.

I imagine that this item will become the first item on the Parish-School Initiative page, with the second being the Appreciative Visitation blurb. We can probably retire (hide, archive) the old letter.

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07 Oct 2018

Appreciative Visitation with Catholic Schools 2017-2018

Promising examples of Parish-School Relationships

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Many healthy, vibrant, and renewing parish-school relationships were noted during the 2017 – 2018 visits to Catholic Schools conducted by the Office for Renewing Parishes. An appreciative listening approach, through the lens of the Eight Gospel Characteristics, guided interactions with school boards, parents and friends, and staff meetings. This paper highlights practical and creative ways in which schools and parishes build, sustain and repair local relationships.

 Promising Examples of Parish_School Relationships.v10.pdf