Marian Procession and Peace Rally

Pentecost Sunday May 20, 2018 – homily

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If we look at the world with attention, we see quickly that it is beautiful, that it glows with the beauty of the God who created it; if we look attentively at each other we discover the same thing, that is the first and deepest truth about creation.

But there is also a wound that runs through the centre of creation and through our own hearts too.

We can love this world we have been given, yet at the same time we are acting to bring about its destruction and cannot seem to alter our course.

We can be so profoundly tender to children, yet also be part of a world that allows them to be bought and sold. Many of us today are wearing garments made by children who are captive to slavery. We totally reject the mistreatment of children, yet we find ourselves caught up in their mistreatment, even profiting from it, and, if we are honest with ourselves, not rousing ourselves to stop it.

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