Saint Thomas Feast Celebration 2018


The Feast of Saint Thomas is one of the diocesan annual events that we always celebrate at St Francis Xavier's Cathedral on the last Friday of June. This year celebration was held on Friday June 29 at 7pm.

Saint Thomas Feast is a very important celebration for the Archdiocese, especially for the Indian Catholic community, as Saint Thomas is the Patron Saint of India.

Monsignor David Cappo was the main celebrant of the Mass, assisted by 10 concelebrating priests, most of them were missionaries from India who are currently ministering in the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide.  

The Mass began with an entrance procession hymn, then eight Indian children dressed in their national costumes welcomed the celebrants with the Aarathi ceremony.

Since 2018 is the “Year of Youth” members of the “Jesus Youth” group have played a leading role in the liturgy by singing as the main choir, taking the responsibility as the MC and bringing the symbols to the altar during the Offertory Procession.

Overall, there were about 500 people attending this year celebration, with four choirs singing in five different languages, namely Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and English.

As a custom, after Holy Communion Mgr David Cappo gave a special blessing to each of the children and the youth present at the Mass.  

After the Mass, everyone was invited to St Francis Xavier's Cathedral Hall for refreshments provided by the Indian community.

Many community leaders and volunteers were deeply involved in planning and organising the celebration. At the end of the celebration, many people expressed their gratitude and joy for having the opportunity to gather as a community, to celebrate this special event together, in a wonderful spirit of solidarity with one another.

Please enjoy some of the pictures taken at the celebration.

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