Archbishop Wilson welcomes your support of the Catholic Development Fund

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“It is easy to make choices that benefit oneself, or one’s business, but there are also choices you can make that will benefit others. This provides a wonderful opportunity to contribute in a very specific way to our work together to faithfully strengthen the Church here in our own Archdiocese.

That is why I welcome your support of the Archdiocese of Adelaide through the Catholic Development Fund. By fully using and supporting CDF, you are directly contributing to the religious, educational and charitable works within our Archdiocese.

Through the support of Archdiocesan agencies, many successful projects have been completed with available funding from CDF. I thank you for supporting me in building our future Church”.

Archbishop Philip Wilson DD JCL



Welcome to the Catholic Development Fund


The Catholic Development Fund (CDF) offers a complete package for Schools, Parishes, Religious Communities and other related Catholic entities.


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Investing with CDF will allow you to earn a great return on your funds. It will also reward you with strong feelings of community pride the next time you visit a Catholic hospital, church, school or retirement village. After all, it will be your dollars that helped the dream become a reality.