Trinity Sunday resources

As we live in the World Today – Trinity Sunday – Year A – June 19, 2011

  • Letter Trinity Sunday Chancellor Heather Carey - (119.3kB)
  • TS 2011 Liturgy.pdf - (617kB)

    Archbishop Philip Wilson spoke the words below in the context of earthquakes in China and Burma. ...tragic circumstances remind us that all times as we live in the world and live out our faith and celebrate the Eucharist, we do so in the context of much human suffering... These words are still very relevant today as again we have suffered earthquakes, tsunamis and floods throughout the world. There are people who live everyday with hardship as they face pain and mental anguish in the sicknesses they bear, in trying to build a new life after tragedy or as refugees in a new land. Click on document above for full resource material.

  • TS 2011 Connecting final[1].pdf - (423.5kB)

    In planning for Trinity Sunday you may wish to consider how we as Parish are enriching the lives of those who may be housebound, in care, or are finding life difficult in a new country. Click on document above for full resource material. __________________________________________________________

  • Trinity Sunday Yr C Liturgy 2010 - (2.6MB)
  • Trinity: Strengthening the Relationship example 2010 - (2.2MB)
  • Trinity Sunday 2010 Schools, Parishes and Communities - (5.1MB)
  • Trinity Sunday: An Invitation into Relationship, Yr B Liturgy 2009 - (111.5kB)
  • An Invitation into Relationship 2009 Neighbourhood - (104.8kB)
  • Trinity Sunday 2009 An Invitation into Relationship Parish - (96.8kB)