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Year C Luke – Volume 14 Edition 1: 2019

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Dear Catechists  

Welcome to Children’s Ministry for 2019!

This year has continued to be a hive of activity in the Office as I imagine it has been for your parish and ministry.

As well as our Catechist Induction morning and workshops in opening the Scriptures in Godly Play, Children’s Liturgy of the Word training, training  Leaders for Sacrament preparation in home groups, mentoring, resourcing, encouraging Children’s Ministries within Parishes, we were blessed in presenting four Papal Blessings this year at our Annual Catechists Commissioning Mass at the Cathedral.

If you have been involved in Children’s ministries for 25 years or more by end February next year and would like to receive a Papal Blessing, please contact either Carmen or myself and we will add you to the list.

We love to celebrate the achievements and contributions of our Catechists.   
This term, our newsletter’s main focus is on Jesus’ journey to Calvary. 

We pray that you may experience the abundance of  God’s love in your lives and in your ministry.

With blessings, Sr Jenny Seal and Carmen Balales

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