Children's Ministry Update

Year A Matthew – Volume 12 Edition 1: 2017

Year A Matthew.jpg

Hello everyone and welcome to this year’s first edition of the ‘Children’s
Ministry Update’ newsletter. We hope that you are going well in your
ministry with our children and their families.

Welcome to any new catechists who have answered their call to help
children build a friendship with Jesus and hear God’s Word in ways that
greatly benefit the children, their families and the parish community. We
hope that you will feel how worthwhile this work is for the children and
their families as well as become aware of the benefits that this work has
on your own spiritual life. Our reflection on our ministry, the preparation
involved and the opportunities we take to nurture our life as a Catechist,
can only enhance our Christian living.

This edition focuses on praying through Holy Week. We know that
praying is important but it is especially important during this sacred
season. Holy Week is an opportunity to focus our minds on, and seek to
intensify our affections for, the most important and timeless of realities.
Our hope for you in reading this newsletter is that you will gain insight
into the need for deep reflection during holy week and extend this to the
children and families you minister to.

Please download newsletter below to read more.

 Holy Week 2017.pdf