Children's Ministry Update

Year A Matthew – Volume 12 Edition 3: 2017


Dear Fellow-Catechists,

Greeting, to our second newsletter for this year.

The theme for this newsletter is one of SERVICE. As volunteers, you are one of the saints who serve in the ministry of children’s faith formation and support. Thank you for all the work you are doing out of love.

This service has been extended to us as we have been visiting Sacrament Teams around the parishes. Thank you for the warm welcome we have received. We look forward to meeting more teams as we move through parishes during the second half of this year. The information, sharing and feedback has been welcomed by us both and we hope will contribute to the overall wellbeing of your ministry.

The Gospel message of service is one of witness, compassionate love, reaching out to others, healing and peace. These qualities and many more of the Gospel message of service which we reveal through our ministry and person and in those who have gone before us are paramount to our mission in the Church and in the world.

We hope that the content of this newsletter will be of service to your ministry. Wishing each of you peace, joy and a continued recognition of the abundance of God’s personal love for each of us.

Sr Jenny Seal fdnsc and Carmen Balales


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