Children's Ministry Update

Year B Mark – Volume 13 Edition 1: 2018

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Dear Catechists

Welcome to this year of 2018 - the Year of Youth in our Church - where the theme is Open New Horizons for Spreading Joy: Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment. This theme is pertinent to all of us and our ministry as catechists as we open new horizons of spreading joy in the lives of our children and families as we open the good news of the Gospel to them in a new way.  We are also all called to deepen our faith and to discern the way in which we live our vocation as catechists and help our children and families to discern the ways in which they live their faith life effectively in their own circumstances.

In March this year, we celebrated the 25 years of service in catechetical ministry within our Archdiocese of John Micallef. You can read about this wonderful event on page 8.  If you or anyone within your Parish has served in catechetical ministry for 25 years or more could you please email Carmen or Sr Jenny as per the back of the newsletter with names, parish, number of years of service. Please keep this in mind throughout the year as we need the final details by September at the latest. Then a Papal blessing will be ready for these catechists for the Archdiocesan Catechist Mass in March next year when they will be presented by the Archbishop at the Cathedral.    

We are at the final stages now of the Archdiocesan Sacrament Review with only a few parishes to go. Thank you to all of you who have taken part as you have provided us with invaluable information. We have thoroughly enjoyed the face-to-face contact with you and thank you for all that you bring to this ministry.

We do hope that you have a very fruitful year and that the mystery of Easter will be alive for you in your lives in a new way this year.

Sr Jenny Seal fdnsc and Carmen Balales

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